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Appearance Is Not The Foundation of Female Dominance

‘You want me, but you can’t have me. You’re not worthy,’ whispers the latex-clad dominatrix stereotype with her over-lined red lips. Her power stems in the fact she is an object of visual attraction. She is perfectly unattainable and therefore all the more desirable – a goddess on a pedestal

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On Mind Games

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore some of the darker, CNC parts of D/s, which has included quite a lot of rather delicious mind fuckery. The high has been intense and beautiful. It has however proven surprisingly difficult to talk about, because the first question

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Vulnerability is what, to my mind, defines submission. That is to say, it is the ingredient which elevates a series of acts, be they sexual, or otherwise, from a game to a facet of reality. It is a rather intangible thing and, while this is not my first attempt to

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‘So, what do you like doing to your subs?’

There’s a question that has been doggedly pursuing me, in its assorted variants, throughout my interactions with potential submissives: ‘So, what do you like doing to your subs?’ It seems a fairly innocuous question – a casual question about my interests to see whether they align. How could I possibly

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Due Deference: ‘Masculinity’ and Approaching a Domme

Having just written about how male submissives frequently sabotage any chance of successfully developing a dynamic with a Domme through ‘pedestalising’ them – approaching them with platitudes about ‘service’, ‘worship’, and whatever else they expect a Domme would want to hear, instead of an actual conversation – I am prompted

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I love biting, so hard that I leave teeth marks all over his body. Mine. But not by force. I want him to offer, to ask me to sink my teeth into his perfect body. I want to hear him make those adorable little pain noises, whilst he begs me

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As much as I enjoy forcing things, grabbing, pinning, digging my nails in, there is something special about when he offers himself to me. There is nothing quite as electric as the words ‘please hit me harder, Mistress’, when they are freely given and truly meant. It sends shivers down

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