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‘Can I be your sub?’

This particularly inane question comes in two main variants; either in the opening message, or after a few questions about me, with very little effort to engage with my answers. In short, if you’re asking, then the answer is very probably no. D/s dynamics develop organically, over time. They take

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‘Ask me anything’

I have been answering quite a large volume of messages recently, and I thought I would write some posts on the things which bother me most often, and why. I would think I am not the only Domme who is bothered by these, but your mileage may vary. ‘Ask me

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‘So, what do you like doing to your subs?’

There’s a question that has been doggedly pursuing me, in its assorted variants, throughout my interactions with potential submissives: ‘So, what do you like doing to your subs?’ It seems a fairly innocuous question – a casual question about my interests to see whether they align. How could I possibly

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