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Thoughts of a Lifestyle Domme


‘Lifestyle’ is a word generally used to distinguish dominant women who pursue D/s in their personal lives, as opposed to those who do it professionally. 

Being a domme is a part of who and how I am. It’s something which needs expressing, rather than a means of expression in itself. 

I found D/s existed outside my head thanks to the wonders of the internet fairly early on, and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

Arguably, since forever, it’s a natural part of who I am, but I have been getting up to various kinky, D/s things in practice since I first feasibly could.

‘TPE’ stands for ‘total power exchange’.

’24/7′ refers to dynamics which have no ‘off-switch’.

You can find my post defining post of those terms here. 

I will tell you what it is not like – porn. We are both human, and we generally don’t take life too seriously. If you want to know more about 24/7 and TPE, here is my post on the subject.

Frequently Occuring Frustrations

Here are some frequent and frustrating things which show up frequently in the messages I receive:

Ask me anything.’

‘What do you like doing to your subs?’

Can I be your sub?’

‘What appeals to you about being a domme?’


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