My Life & My Dynamic

A man in a latex catsuit

Snapshot of My Dynamic: Latex Shopping

A snapshot of my dynamic: our little shopping trip to a Soho latex store, the purchase of a catsuit, and my thoughts on latex.
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opened book on grey surface

Snapshot of My Dynamic: Sunday Afternoon Reading

I often get asked what a 24/7 TPE dynamic looks like. While there are, of course, times I subject my sub to various brilliantly sadistic torments, the majority of time [...]
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person looking out through window

Making Him Ask for Punishment

Here’s a psychological experiment from fairly early on in our dynamic. ‘Turn your head,’ I said. He stared at me, side eyed and unmoving. I eyed him with mounting disapproval. [...]
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On Sadism: The Smile

There is a smile I smile whenever I am in a sadistic vein. I can’t help it. It’s entirely involuntary. I can just feel my face doing it. I have [...]
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low angle photography of drop lights

On Mind Games

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore some of the darker, CNC parts of D/s, which has included quite a lot of rather delicious mind fuckery. [...]
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Vulnerability is what, to my mind, defines submission. That is to say, it is the ingredient which elevates a series of acts, be they sexual, or otherwise, from a game [...]
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red apple on brown wooden table


I love biting, so hard that I leave teeth marks all over his body. Mine.
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A heart shaped pink and white hearts illustration

Needed and Wanted

'A sub needs to feel wanted ; a Dom needs to feel needed.'
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As much as I enjoy forcing things, grabbing, pinning, digging my nails in, there is something special about when he offers himself to me. There is nothing quite as electric [...]
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Just A Little Expectation

Everyone has unrealistic expectations of any dynamic (and any relationship for that matter), when it only exists in fantasy. The moment it begins in practice, we are inevitably disappointed, because [...]
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