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I'm a lifestyle domme. These are my thoughts. /fin

Okay, but somewhat more seriously, dominance has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Long before I really knew what it was. I pursued D/s as soon as I could and now have a 24/7 TPE dynamic . Over the years, I've written articles, guides, created resources and other bits and put them in one place. And you've found it.

Have a browse, have a read and do have fun.

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Why ‘Force Me To Submit’ Can Be A Red Flag

‘I need someone to force me to submit’ is yet another sentiment which shows up in my inbox surprisingly often. It has rubbed me the wrong way for as long as I can remember, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. After all, the rhetoric of force weaves itself [...]


Vulnerability is what, to my mind, defines submission. That is to say, it is the ingredient which elevates a series of acts, be they sexual, or otherwise, from a game to a facet of reality. It is a rather intangible thing and, while this is not my first attempt to [...]
Red neon "Hurt Me" sign on top of a crate with arrow stickers

Accepting Sadism: Separating Hurt & Harm

Separating hurt and harm is crucial to understanding sadism. If you're curious about how sadism works, or if you're struggling to reconcile your own sadistic inclinations, have a read.

On Sadism: The Smile

There is a smile I smile whenever I am in a sadistic vein. I can’t help it. It’s entirely involuntary. I can just feel my face doing it. I have tried to stop it. It’s impossible. My face is just set on doing it. I thought about it somewhat today, [...]
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